The height of a mattress as a feature

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In search of the right mattress, the feature of height is increasingly coming to the fore.

While 10 years ago the classic height was 13 – 16cm, it must already be at least 19cm today, even higher.

Now it is not that mattresses with a rather low height do not fulfill their purpose. If you feel the slatted frame through the mattress on certain body parts, then it is not the height of the mattress but simply the quality. Also, a mattress with a 15cm height must be able to carry a normal-weight people.

More customers are looking specifically for a mattress that is higher than the formerly usual 13, 14 or 15 cm. This desire is understandable because a larger height in mattresses promises some benefits.

First and foremost, a high mattress can be used as:

Seniors mattress

People in modern societies are getting older. That is gratifying. But it is also important that the physical limitations are addressed. In old age mobility is limited. A normal bed with a normal mattress is about 35 to 45cm high. This already causes problems for older people. The solution may be a high mattress that raises the level by 15 to 20cm.

Our box spring mattress can do very well with 33cm height.

In a higher mattress is naturally also a higher core. Thus, the mattress cannot be compressed so deep that the slatted frame is felt. A better body adaptation is the result and more optimal point elasticity. People who are overweight are better served with a higher mattress. Here is enough already a cold foam mattress with 22cm height or even better with 27cm height.

The current trend for box spring beds is also an indication of the new desire for high mattresses. Box spring beds are about 60 – 75 cm high. If you had the pleasure of sleeping in such a bed on holiday, you know what it feels like to get up in the morning without having to lift your body weight with your knees. You can take a bed from us. We have bed for sale.

The proportion of higher mattresses is currently increasing. An end to the trend is not yet in sight.

That’s why you will find in our online shop also a large selection of mattresses that are higher than 20cm.

How is the height of a mattress measured?

If you want to check if the mattresses reach the specified height, use this method:

The mattress must lie on a straight, immobile surface.

Lay a straight board or similar on the mattress so that no pressure is exerted and one end protrudes beyond the edge of the mattress.

Measure from this ends the distance to the ground on which the mattress is lying.